Hearing samples


In order to be able to use the following Hoehrbeispiele need a MP3-Player.
If you still no MP3-Player to have installed can downloaden you on this page.
Now you know with one click on the loudspeaker the desired music piece on their fixed disk to copy, and then with the MP3-Player (also off-line) listen to.


R. Stutz aus Quattro Bagatelle, 4. Satz, CD Reiner Stutz solo


R. Stutz aus Verwandlungen, 3. Satz, CD "Streifzüge", Saarländisches Zupforchester


E. Barbella, 1. Satz, CD "Galante Musik für Zupfinstrumente"


N. Coste, 1. Satz, CD "Mosaique", Albeniz Duo


J.K. Mertz, Tarantella, CD "Abendlied"