Reiner Stutz (born 1958 in Germany) wins in the age of 19 the first price of the german competition "Jugen musiziert". He studies guitar at the university of Saarbrücken and later in Köln. His teachers are Michael Koch and Hubert Käppel. He participates in international masterclasses, espacially in France with M. Barrueco. In 1982 he get his first degree, 1984 the second and afterwards he studies composition in Köln.
Since 1981 he gives concerts in Germany and a lot of other states and broadcasts a lot of pieces. Since 1988 he conducts the plucked instruments orchestra of the Saarland.
Reiner Stutz teaches guitar at the university of Köln and Koblenz and gives masterclasses in Germany and other countries like Israel, USA, Sweden and Turkey. He is one of the most outstanding guitarists of Germany. Since 1992 he is member of the international known "Albeniz-Guitarduo". He plays more than 50 Duo- and 20 Soloconcerts a year. 1994 Reiner Stutz played several concerts in Texas and he performed the Concerto d'Aranjuez for guitar and orchestra of J. Rodrigo in Cologne. He is supported by several governmental projects like the „ Villa Musica" and the „Kultursommer Rheinland-Pfalz". He is artistic director of the guitar and mandolin festival „International Days for mandoline and guitar" in Ottweiler and he is permanent teacher of the International Masterclasses in Trier.
He has spacialized on the music from the heydays of the guitar literature (the classic and romantic epoch), which he performs on a historical guitar from 1840.



Alte Oper - Frankfurt


Tel Aviv - Israel
Linköping - Schweden


Haifa, Tel Aviv - Israel


Logrogno - Spanien


Gdansk - Polen
Zwolle - Holland


Schweinfurt - Deutschland
Saarbrücken - Deutschland


Texas - USA
Logrogno - Spanien


USA-Tournee des Albéniz Guitar Duos



Logrogno - Spanien


Türkei-Tournee des Albéniz Guitar Duos


USA-Tournee mit dem Saarländischen Zupforchester
Meisterkurs in Istanbul